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What We Do

Cloud Apps

We offer ready-to-use cloud-based apps that can be accessed any-time & any-where. Subscription to these apps mean no installations and/or setup.

One of our apps is called SchoolDay, which is serving multiple students, teachers & parents improve the Learning Experience like never before

Custom Apps

We build apps for your special needs empowering you, your customers and/or your associates to drive efficiency & speed in your business.

We can help with anything from setting up your business website to a full-fledged mobile and web app servicing your customers.


Use our experience to your advantage so you do it right the first time. We will also bring tools and frameworks that hit the ground running.

We could serve as your trusted partner & lead you through your IT setup. Ask us about aquiring & setting up domain, emails, social media, etc. In fact, just send us a note now to bounce off any ideas for FREE.

How We Do

4 Core Design Princicples are a part of our DNA and so are found in all our solutions. These design principles positions you not for just what's best today, but also prepares you for future evolution. That is also our Value Proposition.

Scalable & Available

  • We understand businesses grow. Our apps are therefore scalable to meet your growing & seasonal demands.
  • We rely on the best for infrastructure availability so that we can build apps that are constantly available.

Responsive & Device Agnostic

  • We take into account multiple types of devices with multiple screen sizes & resolutions from ground up.
  • The applications are also easily tranformable into native apps for any device such as Android, iOS & Windows

UX Focused, Not UI Focused

  • Our apps are designed to enhance User eXperience (UX). Our designs are intuitive, need no or minimal trainings & fit within your process.
  • We choose the most appropriate User Interfaces (UI) such as web page, barcode scanner, device sensors (e.g. GPS), etc. that is right for the use case.

Low Maintenance & Cost Effective

  • Lower operational cost to us & hence to you too is a part of our initial blueprint.
  • Through use of best-in-class Opensource technologies backed by the best in the industry, we are able to deliver cost effective solutions.

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About Us

We believe that at its core, the ultimate purpose of using Technology is to touch the human aspect - by either making life easier, efficient or healtier.

Thus, with our experience & expertise in developing internet application through use of various internet-tecnologies & our vision to use them to make life easier, efficient or healthier, we formed TekSparsha IT Solutions LLP.

TekSparsha means

is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the accomplishment of objectives.
Source: Wikipedia
is a Buddhist term that is translated as "contact", "touching", "sensation", "sense impression", etc.
Source: Wikipedia

Our goals are to: (i) develop internet-based packaged software applications that help our consumers bring efficiency through automation, analytics or computational intelligence; (ii) develop internet-based software applications according to our customer's specifications; and finally (iii) provide our experience through consulting services to enable our clients identify, plan and develop strategies to achieve success. We will even execute the plan in a manner acceptable to our customers.